2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Karen Doty and Dr. Steve Swanson


SUITS which stands for Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students is an ongoing challenge presented by NASA to farm software ideas and prototypes from college students around the world to create a system that can help NASA improve autonomy, efficiency and efficacy of communication between mission control and an Astronaut physically on the moon. In answer to these challenges, we have developed ARSIS 4.0 which seamlessly integrates Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and a desktop portal to create a cohesive mixed reality experience that we are calling telepresence. The capabilities provided by ARSIS improve situational awareness and more effectively equip astronauts for the unpredictable environments they will face while helping mission control maintain a clear understanding of what is transpiring during a mission via telepresence so that they can more effectively guide and communicate with the astronaut.



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