2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Lisa Meierotto


Climate change is occuring in Idaho and it disproportionately affects certain populations. Scientists project that warming will increase in the coming decades and impacts such as more frequent heat stress days, increased drought, increased poor air quality days, shifts in water patterns, increased natural disasters, and decreased water quality will intensify in Idaho. This research examines the impacts of climate change on at risk communities. Specifically, this research analyzes how homeless, agricultural, and indigenous populations are affected by impacts of climate change. Idahoans must mitigate climate change by limiting greenhouse gas pollution in order to improve Idaho’s social, economic, and environmental systems. Additionally, to increase support to “at risk” populations, policymakers should expand stakeholder involvement to include these populations at the frontlines. This can be accomplished by working closely with interest groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Among many other groups, notable organizations in Idaho include the Idaho Homelessness Coordinating Committee, the Indigenous Idaho Alliance, and United Farm Workers.



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