2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Amber Hoye


After completing my Arabic minor, I wanted to continue my studies but encountered few resources to do so independently. Given my six years of Arabic experience, I decided to write a free, online, Intermediate Arabic textbook through my Open Educational Resources internship. I chose to write a textbook because I saw the value in Arabic materials from the perspective of a student, as I can relate to the struggles of learning Arabic. As so, I structured my project to act as a digital pocket guide for students to use when studying or traveling abroad. The textbook currently contains five units broken down into sections of vocabulary, grammar, cultural dialogues written by Arab students on campus, study abroad advice, and practice activities. Themes and topics were chosen based on vocabulary needed to study abroad and mastering skills at the intermediate level. I also seek to make the textbook engaging for all types of learners, therefore I have been using Pressbook's H5P extension to create fun interactive activities that follow Bloom's Taxonomy. I hope that my project can help expand the Arabic community at BSU by encouraging students to continue Arabic and promote intercultural relations with local Arabic speakers.



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