2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Michal Kopera


In this work, we ran test simulations of different scenarios of the multi-layer shallow-water model and visualized the results in ParaView. Further, the results were compared to the reference solution, the HYCOM model, to see if Galerkin methods are competitive enough with other established numerical methods used for ocean modeling. Initially, we simulated a two-dimensional wave in shallow water equations and then expanded it into a two-dimensional wave in a two-layer system. We designed the two-layer model such that each layer had a different density. Further, we set up a perturbation on the interface between the layers. We could see that the disturbance propagated in the interface between layers, with faster waves traveling on the surface.

We visualized the simulation results in ParaView by using various filters like append attributes, calculator, and warp by a scalar. Exporting this state of the simulation into a Python script helped create a contour plot. We compared this plot to the reference solution.



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