2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Jillian Moroney


Streetscapes are essential to forming our cities and the culture of Boise, Idaho that has been built into its design. The welcoming feel of the city is reflected in its composition standards and exemplified in its goals of sustainability and responsible practices. Unlike the bulk of downtown Boise, the Western portion of the Shoreline District, which we have dubbed “Rivercana”, has struggled to establish its identity since the late 1960’s early 1970’s due to urban renewal. As it stands today, Rivercana is a mixed-use district, of industrial, residential, and commercial interests which require a balanced revitalization strategy. Adjacent to the Boise River riparian zone and encompassing many of the city’s homeless services, Rivercana contains some of the most vulnerable ecosystems and populations in Boise. Our proposal for renewal employs a careful mix of green infrastructure and mindful design that will help to protect both. Employing methods to help consider the needs of all users, we will outline how the most effective urban revitalization for this neighborhood will include clear representation of both the historic and existing communities along with the incorporation of environmentally friendly infrastructure. This will help to activate all stakeholders within the district and re-energize Rivercana’s streetscapes.



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