2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Amy Moll, Dr. Noah Salzman, Dr. Vicki Stieha, Shane Panter, and Susan Latta


Our client, CH, is wheelchair-bound and has limited autonomy due to advanced stage Multiple Sclerosis. The primary objective of this project is to return some autonomy to CH through a desk-mounted robot arm which CH will control through an app on his android tablet. CH will be able to interface with the app using a mouthpiece mounted stylus, commanding the robotic arm to pick up and deliver snacks that CH wants. The robotic arm will be programmed in a way that gives CH access to each individual servo and allows more variable movement. The team will also add a macros system to automate repetitive motions. Ultimately, the servo movement and macros will reduce CH's reliance upon caregivers to pick up snacks and small convenience items and allow him autonomy to retrieve these items on his own.