2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase



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Student Presentation

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Dr. John Bieter and Dr. Peter Müllner


We repurpose advanced VR headset sensors, hardware, audio, and software and combine these with a smell-add on module, with the intent of creating a new platform on which to perform dementia research and new powerful methods of data collection. Individualized metrics tracking patients over time will be possible, with powerful processing and sensors. The device might be used for scientific advancement, improved diagnostics and treatment in way of integrative health.

For spraying scent towards the nose, we apply proprietary microfluidics technology developed at Boise State University. We built a housing that attaches to the Oculus Rift VR platform. The housing contains a micropump, a scent reservoir, and PiZero. Further details of the physical prototype and VR program can be found in the Appendix section. Currently we have built 3 prototypes. The project seems to be technically feasible. The microfluidic scent delivery should allow for the precision required in Quantitative scent delivery.

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