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2019 Sustainability Report: College of Business and Economics, College of Health Sciences and School of Public Service

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The focus of the Blue Sky Institute Sustainability Reporting Badge is to examine the social, environmental and economic impacts of three colleges at Boise State University. The College of Business and Economics (COBE), the College of Health Sciences (COHS), and the School of Public Service (SPS) are all measuring and transparently reporting their impacts on their stakeholders. The importance of this reporting is looking past the financial and economic bottom lines of these colleges and including the social and environmental impacts as well. Blue Sky’s sustainability reports are 100% fully student-led and student driven beginning with a materiality assessment of the college’s three main stakeholder groups to identify what the reporting team will be researching for the year. From there, the reporting team finalizes its reporting topics and begins collecting and analyzing data. Students write and compile each college’s report, and findings are presented to each college’s leadership team with recommendations of improvement. Recommendations are approved and students are provided the opportunity to work with campus leadership to implement report recommendations.

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