2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Wheel Shield

Collin J. Hepworth, Boise State University
Victoria Mayer, Boise State University
Suzanne Vaccaro, Boise State University
Tara Kalemba, Boise State University
Christy Suciu, Boise State University


The history of our product’s background stems from a group of people that have all experienced the same dilemma-- broken suitcase wheels. We recognize that there is nothing more inconvenient in a crowded airport or travel hub. On any given day, research shows that in 2018 there were a record 1.4 billion international tourists travelling the globe. Imagine, you’re rushing for your plane or bus, the last thing you need is a hobbled suitcase to slow you down. At this point you have to either find somewhere to repair the wheel or buy a whole new suitcase on your journey-- costing time and money. In 2017, the Department of Trans report stated that the airline mishandled 346,276 pieces of luggage as reported by their 122 million passengers that year. That breaks down to 2.84 mishandled bags per every 1,000 passengers.

Our product inspires a new, innovative way to travel-- and we guarantee you will never need a wheel replacement again. Our wheel shield technology creates a seamless travel experience, while our products offer a refreshing and sleek new look for your suitcase. Our storage capacity allows even the most seasoned travelers to organize their items in the most efficient manner possible. Our waterproof and weatherproof products allow you to travel anywhere, anytime. We have a lifetime warranty on our products, because we recognize that our products are top notch and the best quality in the industry. Our quality supersedes all others. The 360 degree wheel design allows easy maneuvering for even our busiest customers.