2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Biomedical Applications of Near-Infrared Thermography

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Nirmala Kandadai


Infrared thermography is the study of black body radiation of materials. It is based on the fact that every body emits heat in the infrared radiation. The infrared thermography developed in the FLAIR Lab at Boise State University uses a powerful laser to differentially heat a surface of surrogate fuel to detect surface cracks with a background heat created using a furnace. Measuring the differences in magnitude and how quickly the differences occur via image-processing algorithms can reveal edges and areas of least change which are not clearly visible in the original image. In this project we plan to apply this principle to detect subsurface, biological materials. As a non-destructive measurement, applications using this technique in hard to access areas appeal to both food and medical industries. This grant specifically applies the technique to detect biofilms from outside substrates and cracks in surrogate bone sample.

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