2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Start-to-Finish Stapler

Sophia Gallardo, Boise State University
Whitnee Wall, Boise State University
Carlie Rueth, Boise State University
Nick Malliarias, Boise State University
Alhareth Alhisan, Coventry University
Christy Suciu, Boise State University


The stapler was invented in 18th century France for King Louis XV. Later, in 1879, George McGill received a patent for the first commercially successful stapler. Since the first commercial stapler became available, many alterations have been made to make use easier (THROWBACK THURSDAY). Our new product is based on the basic need for a stapler to hold paper together. However, our product extends much further by seeking to improve ease of use, safety, and removal. The stapler can be used for normal use, but it is specifically meant to make decorating bulletin boards safer and easier. Rather than having to step on a chair to staple decorations onto bulletin boards, teachers, daycare workers, and office employees can easily clip the paper to the stapler, stretch the extending attachment to reach the desired location, and press a button which releases a staple automatically. After the staple is released, another button can be pressed which releases the clip that was holding the paper to the stapler. When it is time to take the decorations off the bulletin board, users can pull out their start to finish stapler and extend the other end which is equipped with a stapler remover.


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