2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Can Citizen Science Help With Determining Beaver Dam Analogues Placement for Beaver Restoration in Idaho for Riparian Habitat Rehabilitation

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Emily Wakild


There has been a shift in land management to use Beaver Dam Analogues (BDA) for riparian and wetland restoration. BDA’s help change incised streams back to a slower moving waterway allowing for more water to return to the water table. In the correct and desirable locations as determined by the Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (BRAT), the reintroduction of beaver will allow for a natural takeover of the manmade process. Allowing for a less hands on approach by land managers, saving them time, money, and effort after the initial determination and preparation of a waterway for beaver. The research to be taken will involve interviewing land managers, ranchers, private property owners. A series of predetermined questions with room for input will be made for land managers; with a second set of questions made for the ranchers and private property owners. With the results determining if there is a need for citizen scientist to assist the land managers and what this assistance would look like.

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