2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jared Romero


The exponential growth of the human population is resulting in depletion of our resources and driving extreme land use changes across the world to feed the expanding population. Many innovations and improvements have been made over time to assist the farming industry. However, with the main concern being the financial benefit of the farmers and their customers, not the surrounding ecosystems. Working towards farming that is conscious about the ecological health, the reduction of waste, the use of space, and the emissions of carbon provides a large benefit for sustainability of the planet. Combating these issues involve the exploration of space-efficient structures, effective locations of farms, and looking into the drawbacks and benefits of small farming vs industrial farming. Improving the ecological efficiency while also maintaining the monetary benefit of farming will be challenging, but it is necessary for the success of future generations. The One Health approach helps tackle these challenges as experts can provide knowledge for improvements in ecological, financial, and sustainable aspects of farming and agriculture.