2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Blu-Foot: A Hands-Free Way to Learn

Sidney Anderson, Boise State University
Hannah Winger, Boise State University
Katelyn Murphy, Boise State University
Mitch Lambert, Boise State University
Christy Suciu, Boise State University


Blu-Foot is a new way to improve video learning experiences with the use of a Bluetooth foot pedal. This pedal will connect to the user’s electronic device and enable the start/stop/rewind/forward of the video without having to stop an activity that requires use of the hands. This will accelerate the video learning process and enhance all users video learning experiences regardless of the environment. This can be used in a corporate training situation, a school or institution learning situation, or even just in a home setting. The pedal will be cordless and include a re-chargeable battery and charging cable. Battery life will last up to 12 hours on playable time to ensure the best outcome for the learning experience. This pedal can also bring more accessibility to those with limited use of their hands or mobility limitations. This can be a great improvement in the life of many.