2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Non-Hydrostatic Unified Model of the Ocean (NUMO)

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Michal Kopera


Ice-sheet and ocean interaction plays a significant role in sea-level rise and climate change, as warming oceans enhance the melting of the ice-sheets at their margins. The NUMO project aims to build an ocean model that simulates this interaction in narrow Greenland fjords at a fine scale, while also interacting with a large-scale ocean circulation model at the open ocean boundary. If fine mesh was applied throughout the entire fjord domain, such a problem would be computationally very expensive. Reduction in computational costs is achieved through a technique called non-conforming adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), where the region to be studied will be locally refined, keeping the rest of the domain coarse. In this research work, we set up test cases and ran simulations to test the capability of non- conforming AMR for the continuous Galerkin method in NUMO. We validate the behavior of the static AMR technique (mesh is refined but does not change in time) on advection test cases. The goal is to perform dynamically adaptive (mesh is changing in space and time) simulations of ocean currents in NUMO.

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