2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Assistive Transportation Project

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Amy Moll, Paul Robertson, Dr. Noah Salzman, and Dr. Vicki Stieha


Our client is severely disabled and suffers from a variety of conditions including cerebral palsy. He is mute, blind and has almost zero mobility and hence is entirely reliant on a caretaker to help him through the day. An adult-sized stroller is used to transport our client; however, this stroller is not well suited to his physical condition. The stroller is currently used to transport our client to and from an automobile and for short duration outdoor trips (less than two hours). Our goal is to develop and manufacture new and improved means of transporting our client. Our short term solution is to create a cushioned platform to improve the client's comfort in his existing mode of transportation. The long term solution is to design and create a new, more suitable conveyance that will safely fulfill the needs of our client and his caregivers.

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