2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Centralized: A Central Bill Pay Service

Matthew Daniels, Boise State University
Lynsie Pardo, Boise State University
Dakota Bruneau, Boise State University
Christy Suciu, Boise State University


People receive bills from various sources with deadlines scattered throughout the month. Centralized was created to help people manage their bills and organize due dates. According to BusinessInsider, late fees for credit cards reached more than $3 million in the United States in 2017. The objective of this service is to help people avoid these late fees and relieve stress from everyday life. In interviewing business owners as well as homeowners, we found that one of the main reasons for these late fees is attributed to unclear or unmanageable due dates. After our interviews, we decided to develop Centralized specifically for those who own homes and/or run businesses. Now, Centralized can manage a homeowner’s obligations as well as a business owner’s responsibilities! Centralized combines an individual’s monthly bills into one, all inclusive monthly payment that can be paid on whatever day of the month is chosen. Centralized enables people to avoid all late fees, feel confident in their financial management, and only pay one bill every month.