2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Luff for the Skin

Emily M. Covolo, Boise State University
Christy Suciu, Boise State University
Kendra N. Chaffee, Boise State University
Kelby L. Fipps, Boise State University
Trevor A. Brendlin, Boise State University


Luff for the skin is an environmentally friendly razor that creates a more efficient and gentle shaving experience. Luff eliminates the need for traditional shaving cream, by having an attached dispenser that releases shaving cream as you shave. This provides a smooth and gentle glide across the skin. Our goal is to make the razor handle reusable, provide a refillable shaving container and razor heads. We want to provide an easier shaving experience to eliminate razor burn and provide silky smooth skin. Luff is designed for anyone who shaves, our current target market is women, but we have plans to expand into the male shaving market in the future. Luff will be in retailers, but will also have a large online presence with a subscription option that ships directly to your house. Being present in retailers and having a subscription based option online allows Luff to target customers in multiple channels.