2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Wage Inflation in Boise: Unskilled Positions

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Samia Islam


Employment in Ada county has risen 2.8% from March of 2018 to March of 2019 which is faster than the national pace of 1.4% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Everyone is hiring in the Boise and Ada county area from airport mechanics, assistant pool managers, green belt supervisors, and many other unskilled positions. Some employers are looking for full-time professional mechanics, a highly skilled worker, and some are just looking for a janitor, a low skilled worker. Our purpose is to focus on the wage inflation of various unskilled jobs to find which ones are increasing or declining. There are other factors that will be assessed such as benefits, replaceability, and the type of market. We will be looking to cost indexes, meeting with employers, collecting data, and other research to support our findings. In our results, we hope to find how unskilled workers are experiencing the most growth as well as the overall tendency of the job market in Boise.

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