2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Government Transparency

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Samia Islam


To quote author and scientist David Brin, “Liberty flourishes, not when government is weak, but when government is accountable.” Given that government transparency is directly linked to its accountability, as Boise continues to grow, the need for such transparency becomes increasingly important. Transparency can create a connection between a government and its constituents that cultivates engagement, accountability, and by extension, trust. Our research objective is to identify examples of government transparency measures that have been beneficial within cities that are comparable to Boise, such as Spokane, Portland, and Salt Lake, as well as others with relevant data from highly populated areas. Through our research, we will identify applicable strategies that can be implemented in our area to foster better government transparency within the community. A particular area of focus will be information technology that will help engage the community and facilitate greater public outreach. Data and examples of technology’s effects on public perception of government transparency will be referenced from a study that examines Mexican local government and the impact technology has on citizens’ perceptions of transparency, efficiency, and corruption in local government.

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