2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Krishna Pakala


It is a rare combination for a Division 1 student-athlete to be pursuing a STEM degree owing to the rigor needed to pursue these degrees. Pursuing a STEM major is also very strenuous and often leaves limited time outside of their studies and has not been favored by athletes. Due to the rarity of this combination of individuals, there isn’t a lot of information regarding how the experience of these student-athletes is during their college career. The study explores the support structures in place to help these student-athletes thrive both in the classroom and on the court, field, pool, or any other arena they are competing in. This study also reports on the skills that these individuals have that are enhanced through their sport and translate to the classroom to help them excel in their degrees. Finally, this study sheds light on how these individuals balance the roles of both student and athlete. The study results were obtained through surveys for the student-athletes and in-person interviews with staff in the athletic department, such as coaches and academic advisors.