2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. John Gardner and Dr. Jen Pierce


Despite budget constraints, carbon neutrality and clean energy transitions are tangible for Boise State University. When looking at what it would take to get Boise State to carbon neutrality by 2050, the most important factors are our current Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory and a climate action plan with tangible deadlines and milestones for our transition. Currently, the University lacks a strategic timeline to reduce emissions and adequate technology for measuring those emissions. At Boise State, it is of primary importance to focus on Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions from sources Boise State owns or controls) and Scope 3 emissions (any indirect actions such as commuters driving to campus) outlined in the inventory. Scope 2 emissions (purchased electricity) should be eliminated by Idaho Power’s commitment to clean energy by 2045. The purpose of this research is to share a suggested timeline of action with potential funding mechanisms to aid University decision-makers in paving a sustainable path towards carbon neutrality.