2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Idaho Trail Blazers

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Student Presentation

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Christy Suciu


There is a lack of information and accessibility to current hiking trails throughout Idaho. In Idaho, most of the data currently used by hiking apps and websites rely on data from the Forest Service dated back to the 1980’s. In addition, current services to finding hikes often lack clarity in the level of difficulty of hike and don’t paint the full picture of the hike leaving users frustrated. With our application users will be able to create accounts and find new hikes across Idaho, including both day hikes and overnight hikes. It allows users to leave reviews and photos of different hikes and breakdown hikes by difficulty. The app will also provide information on current weather conditions as well as the physical condition of the trail and its hike-ability. Users may also get information on volunteering projects to help maintain current trails and clear trails that are currently not open due to condition and poor upkeep.

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