2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Simulation Study of Sweeping Actuation of a Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump with Electromagnetic Coils

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Peter Müllner and Dr. Nader Rafla


Magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMA) deform under a magnetic field. For example, a MSMA bar contracts locally under a local magnetic field. When the local magnetic field moves, the local shrinkage moves along the bar. We have built a peristaltic pump by combining this action mechanism with a spinning, diametrically magnetized permanent magnet. Unlike other pumping mechanisms, our MSMA pump has no valves, transports fluids in both directions, and works against a high backpressure. These properties result from a mechanism, which has only one moving part, namely a spinning permanent magnet. The current project aims to replace the spinning magnet with a stationary permanent magnet and electromagnetic coils. Removing the magnet and its driving motor will reduce the size of the pump and vibrations. We present results of a computational study on the magnetic field shape inside a MSMA bar involving electromagnetic coils.

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