2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jared Romero


Wild animals and the spread of diseases that are transmissible to human, such as rabies, are an important One Health issue. With human populations and cities expanding, wild animal and human encounters are going to be on the rise, and this will increase the chance for the spread of diseases. The majority of human rabies are caused by canine bites. The majority of these bites also occur in poorer areas and regions of the world. Education efforts must be made to teach people how to recognize the signs and symptoms of rabies and what they should do if they find an animal they suspect might have rabies. The vaccination of wild animals, especially dogs and canines, against rabies should also be a top priority in the prevention of rabies transmitting to humans. The problem of the spread of rabies from wild animal, canines in particular, to humans must be solved with a One Health mindset, since every aspect of animal, environmental, and human health are closely related.