2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Bucket List Hospice

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Student Presentation

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Christy Suciu


Hospice care is used very often for people at the end of their lives. With the large portion of the aging population being very independent in nature, the idea of hospice care can be very difficult for them to accept. We want to provide a better alternative to traditional hospice care for the independent user who would rather put their money toward once in a lifetime experiences of their choice.

Today, there are over 74.1 million individuals over the age of 55 living in the United States, meaning that there will be an ever-increasing need for hospice care in the near future. The average monthly cost of hospice care is around ten-thousand dollars. Instead of spending countless dollars on home care, we will take you on the adventure of a lifetime crossing off what’s left on your bucket list. Old age doesn't have to be a handicap to experiencing the rest of your life. Bucket List hospice specializes in helping those in need of hospice care but still want the freedom to be able to live a full life until the end. We believe that hospice care with us doesn't mean the end but rather an opportunity to be able to fulfill life's wishes before the great beyond. We specialize in fulfilling those wishes for those who are terminally ill allowing our patients to have the piece of mind of living life to its fullest before passing on.

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