2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Relationship Between the Type of Resources Teachers Use to Develop Lesson Plans and Teacher Characteristics

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Gena Nelson


It is essential that K-6 classroom teachers understand evidence-based practices and where to obtain information related to evidence-based practices. Carpenter and colleagues (2018) found that 48.25% of elementary teachers reported consulting Pinterest for teaching and learning resources on a weekly or daily basis, and a further 23.38% on at least a monthly basis. These results highlight that almost half of K-6 teachers are using Pinterest to support their instructional practices in the classroom, yet, using Pinterest is not an evidence-based practice. To further this research in this area, we conducted a survey based on teacher-report of where teachers get their instructional materials. This study involves K-6 general and special education teachers across the country. The survey asked teachers for information regarding: What resource do you use most often to obtain information for creating lessons? What is your current licensure area (e.g., K-6 elementary education, K-12 special education)? The results of this study will demonstrate where teachers get most of their information for developing lessons, and identify trends and patterns in where teachers get their information based on teacher characteristics such as years of experience teaching, highest degree earned, and other areas of teacher demographics.

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