2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Karen Wadley


As a part of the larger Historia Scholastica Project, we are transcribing and translating text from the “Genesis” chapter of the Historia Scholastica found in the Albertson’s Library. Our work began in fall of 2018. Our goal is to locate source material that informed Comestor’s understanding of the content of “Genesis” to better understand and therefore better translate Comestor. We are researching sources that possibly contributed to Comestor’s understanding of cosmology, philosophy, and the biblical creation account, in addition to transcribing and translating the text.

Our methodology focuses on ten lines per week, applying textual criticism to identify textual differences and assist where our copy is damaged. We are using Patrologia Latinae 198, the Lugdunensis copy on Wiki, and the online Internet Archive of the Historia Scholastica located in Strasbourg, France. We then filter any possible translations through the lens of biblical studies taking place in medieval France in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

Our goal is to produce 100 lines of quality Latin by the end of the semester; to date we have completed approximately 40%. This project will provide groundwork for future researchers in other portions of the Historia Scholastica.