2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Laura King


For generations, sexual abuse has been viewed as a silent crime as it is often kept a secret. In 2018, the NCVS estimates there were 734,640 incidents of sexual assault in the U.S. but only 24.9% of those were reported to police. Official statistics indicate that most sex offenders are male, but these statistics include only offenses reported to the officials. Research indicates that sexual offenses committed by females do occur though they are rarely reported to authorities because of gender stereotypes and other factors. Gender has a large influence on perceptions and attitudes about who can be a perpetrator. I want to explore the perceptions and attitudes of Boise State students. I plan on conducting a survey on gender stereotypes, sexual offenses, and female sex offenders in order to examine how perceptions about gender impact attitudes toward sexual violence.