2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Lisa Meierotto


For this project, we will be looking at the movement of diverse social classes, specifically within Ada County, to see how this affects the existing communities. To do this, we will examine and explore the social dimensions that are being influenced by the new money, new ideas, and outside cultures that are moving into the Boise area. We will be looking at how these further influences the management of the Boise foothills as well as the agricultural land and farming communities within the area that are being affected by the sprawl that is following the number of transplants coming into the Treasure Valley. We will be conducting research and gathering data through reviewing previous studies in other cities affected by gentrification, as well as conducting our own Boise-specific surveys and personal interviews with the various dimensions of Treasure Valley communities being affected. This will be done by speaking with and interviewing both traditional residents as well as newcomers. Additionally, we will review income gaps, cultural divisions and their effects on government action and community education.