2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Engineering a Better Way to Transport Assistive Technology

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Amy Moll, Dr. Noah Salzman, and Dr. Vicki Stieha


Our client, Mk, has cerebral palsy. He is unable to use his arms and his speech is highly limited; he types on a communication device with his right foot. Currently the communication device is attached to his wheelchair with a mount that requires assistance to attach and is too large to safely maneuver through doorways. Our group is redesigning the current mount to provide a better way for MK to take his communication device with him around school. A successful mount will hold the device in two positions, one for typing and another safely stored for traveling between locations. Mk should be able to perform this operation independently. The mount will not pose any safety hazards to Mk, the device, or the people around him and it will not interfere with the function of the wheelchair. We met with Mk to further understand the problem and found two secure mounting locations. We took extensive measurements of the wheelchair, and created two functioning small scale prototypes. Next, we will select one prototype to machine, bring to Mk for testing, and make adjustments. Ultimately, the adjustable mount will provide Mk with the ability to independently communicate as he travels around his school.

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