2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Engagement with College Students: Could the Use of Social Media Platforms and Casual Information Sessions Bridge the Gap Between the City of Boise and the Modern Young Adult?

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Samia Islam


The Boise community is growing rapidly with a sizable population that are college students or recent graduates, yet the city is having difficulty connecting with those young adults. We plan to conduct an online survey to see where Boise State student’s concerns are, how likely they would be to attend casual information sessions, and whether live stream interactions would be beneficial in connecting this age group with the city on current issues. We would like to propose that the City of Boise create a separate social media account that specifically focuses on things like government legal notices and public hearings. The current City of Boise social media accounts are tailored towards tourism and less towards communication with the community. In order to not lose the involvement of the older generations, we suggest continued use of current communication methods. We will examine the methods of engagement used in other college communities that have faced the same issues. The expected outcome of this survey would be information that reveals new ways in which the City of Boise could better engage the college student and young adult population.

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