2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Lisa Meierotto


Our research will examine the question: How do Palestinian and Rohingya refugees effect on their environment and the environmental impacts associated with displacement? We will qualify the environment in social, economic, and natural contexts. More specifically, we will focus on the Rohingya population in coastal Bangladesh and the Palestinian population in West Bank. Our motivation for this project is to better understand how refugee populations can exist through crises and how they impact the environment and cultures around them. We chose to do a comparative study of these two refugee crises because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted generations and the exacerbation of the Rohingya displacement is a relative recent development. The importance of this research is relevant as climate change and political climates continue to displace people and the need for systemic and sustainable solutions arises. By looking at the disparity between the effect refugee camps have on their environment and comparing this to the impact the social, economic, and natural environment has on refugees, we will be able to gain insights on the sustainability of refugee camps.