2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation


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Dr. Krishna Pakala and Dr. Don Plumlee


In this age of technological advancement, there comes an expectation of employee experience; a need not being met by the higher education provided to mechanical engineers new to the workforce. This research describes the establishment of goals and processes used to modernize a mechanical engineering curriculum. Integrating a change of this magnitude necessitated consideration of a multitude of factors. The primary motivation being to supply students with more flexibility within course requirements, as well as offer more availability in degree emphases. Incorporating experiential learning was also given acute attention. With these initiatives in mind, the department began formulating a reformed mechanical engineering curriculum based on review of peer institutions and educational literature (documents such as the ASME Engineer of 2030). Faculty, as well as student and industrial advisory boards, aided in validating this adjusted degree program. During this development phase, several constraints had to be addressed: the curriculum must continue to be ABET accredited, align with university degree policies, appease stakeholders, and serve as an overall practical solution. The process of developing goals and constraints for a revolutionized mechanical engineering curriculum that will serve the students of the future will be described in this presentation.