2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Increasing greenhouse gas emissions are warming global temperatures at an alarming rate; this will affect the human population, including Idahoans! This project focuses on developing and implementing a climate science curriculum program within the Boise WaterShed’s Education Program. This service-learning capstone project, in collaboration with Boise WaterShed, seeks to develop interactive learning and lesson plans for K-6 students. This project builds upon existing activities in the Education program like greenhouse gas tag and other interactive learning games. Objectives for this project include implementing and assessing the efficacy of the new climate material. Survey questions will assess the effectiveness of climate education lesson material and methodologies for future data analysis. On March 16th, I am presenting a beta version of the created lesson plan at NorthStar Middle School. Pre and post-test questions will direct future improvements and will assess student’s responses and knowledge gain from the lesson.