2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Shared Stories Lab: How We Got Here

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Student Presentation

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Jill Heney and Tiffany Hitesman



Shared Stories Lab students designed an oral history project that creates opportunities for students to connect with the power of storytelling. Oral history captures stories of individuals and communities: Stories grounded in time and place show the complexity of our experiences.


To collect stories of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we designed an interview model:

  • Call for Participants:
    • Project marketing avenues include: class presentations in ENGL 101M, UF 100, and ENGL 198, collaborative efforts with the Conference on Language, Identity, and Culture, project donor invitations, website forms, and informal invitations through campus networks.
  • Developed multi-modal collection processes to meet the needs of Boise State community members: Oral histories are collected in traditional interview methods or through digital story mapping using light boards and iPad pros.
  • Interview Process:
    • Interviewers use active listening, and receive training on shared authority and informed consent. (Frisch, 1990; Yow, 2015) Our guiding oral history questions are:
      • Can you describe your path to Boise State?
      • What would you want current students to know about your experiences?


Student researchers collected 24 oral histories in Fall 2019 and continue to collect interviews for a permanent archive to be housed in the Albertsons Library.

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