S. Cole - Victory Intersection

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal


Our team was tasked with redesigning the intersection at S. Cole and Victory Roads. Construction is scheduled to start in the year 2020. Redesign has become necessary due in part to the large increase in traffic volumes generated by the new developments in the area. These new home developments have caused traffic to grow. There is a concern that future projections of traffic may outgrow the capacity of the intersection in its current state. The design team considered and evaluated different designs for the intersection by analyzing the available data and complemented by studies done on the intersection to determine the best fit. The design elements considered in this project included: geometric, pavement, stormwater, impact to property owners, project scheduling, work zone traffic control, and impact mitigation during construction. The design team found that a modification to the proposed ThrU-Turn from ACHD was deemed the best fit for this intersection when taking into account the many considerations. The considerations included: improved traffic flow, safety, impacts, freight truck activity, utilities, and sustainability.

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