The Power of Standard Oil

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Tara Penry


Throughout this project, I have explored how super companies like Standard Oil were able to gain so much power and wealth and how that changed the business and legal landscape in America, and therefore, the lives of business and working-class people. I have used many articles from around the time period that Standard Oil was at its peak, as well as comparative articles on how Standard Oil and monopolies are viewed today, and a documentary-style video on the development and rise of Standard Oil and its collusion with the railroads. The research also shows how the domination of a single company inspired anti-trust regulations and business rights protection. I will create a poster to illustrate the scope of Standard Oil and the different aspects surrounding the company, including the coordination with the railroads, oil refining, and the increased access of oil to the working-class, as well as share some of the images of the company available from back in the late 1800s.

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