Eagle Sewer District Wastewater Treatment System

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal


The City of Eagle, Idaho has a wastewater treatment facility that is maintained and operated by the Eagle Sewer District (ESD). The existing system has nearly reached capacity and will not have the ability to handle future flow and loads. TPS Engineering has been tasked with increasing the hydraulic and process capacities of the existing system and providing a concept for facility expansion. In addition, a design of a maintenance/vehicle storage building has been requested to house vehicles necessary for operation.

TPS Engineering has forecasted the sewered population, the flows, and the loads associated with the facility in the year 2040. The existing lagoons have been analyzed and more efficient equipment has been chosen to increase the treatment levels of the lagoons. In addition, multiple concepts have been analyzed for expansion of the facility and an aerated lagoon(s) has been chosen as the most viable options for monetary and operational reasons.

At the completion of the design process, TPS Engineering intends to submit a plan to expand the process and hydraulic capacities of the existing lagoon system, a design concept for expansion of the facility, and plans for a maintenance/vehicle storage building, along with associated calculations, evaluations, and schematics.

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