Affects of BSU on Housing Availability and Affordability

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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics


Department of Economics

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Dr. Samia Islam


Our research aims to understand how Boise State University’s (BSU) presence affects housing affordability and availability in downtown Boise. In answering this question, our research can help BSU and our service-learning client, the City of Boise, make choices that aim to more effectively address the housing needs imminent in downtown Boise at this time. We will conduct an assessment of BSU’s current land holdings and intended property use to gain a better understanding of the university’s approach to housing constraints for students as well as its workforce accommodations. Current data regarding workforce housing in the downtown Boise area will be obtained through City of Boise. Interviews with members of BSU’s Capital Planning and Space Management Department will be conducted to understand the attitude of BSU leadership regarding providing workforce housing for staff as well as to assess BSU’s outlook on current student housing availability on and off-campus. Additionally, data from Capital City Development Program and Boise Dev will be collected on current housing available downtown as well as future housing projects. Finally, we will provide case studies from other cities similar to Boise such as Salt Lake City and Spokane and assess how those cities have addressed housing needs and the role their universities have played in their housing development.

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