Developed Western Democracies and Their Fall to Totalitarianism

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Student Presentation

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Department of Political Science

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Robert Harbaugh


This research project will take a look at the current spreading of totalitarian leaders that are rising throughout established western democracies. In order to understand what is happening we will conduct 2 case studies of Italy and Hungry. In these case studies we will apply Hannah Arendt’s work on the origins totalitarianism to help us understand how both countries came to a point of democratically electing totalitarian leaders and what their tactics were for winning. We will also look at the role of apathy, and privilege and how these factors have influenced the citizens. Then we will examine the tactics of securitization and security Theater in the rise of these new leaders. Then we will draw some conclusions from these two case studies and see what we can apply to the rest of the western worlds and look to see which countries are susceptible to a new generation of totalitarians.

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