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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Deb Mishra, and Dr. Sondra Miller


The Deer Flat and Linder road intersection in Kuna Idaho is in need of redesign. The purpose of this is to update the aging pavement, increase pedestrian and bicyclist connectivity, increase the capacity to handle future traffic flows, and to increase pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist safety. To accomplish this, several forms of analyses will be performed. These include analyzing past crashes to identify and rectify roadway issues that contribute to the causes of crashes. Another analysis will look at the future development of the area to aid in determining how much and what type of traffic will be using the intersection. Finally, an analysis will be performed to determine the intersection’s current level of service and the future required level of service following the Highway Capacity Manual’s guidelines. From there, the information gained from the analysis and from current measurable data will be used to design the many aspects of the intersection. These aspects include a geometric design, pavement design, traffic operations design, stormwater design, and a construction plan including how to route traffic and keep local businesses and schools running during construction. These designs will be done following Ada County Highway District’s requirements.