The Dark Dark Wood

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


English Department

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Dr. Dora Ramírez and Dr. Mitchell Wieland


Horror and terror are often seen as two distinct sensations: terror, the fear we feel when we are faced with the unknown—the anticipation of there being a monster under our bed; horror, the fear we feel when we come face to face with that monster. My story The Dark Dark Wood invokes these sensations by showing how fear manifests from that which haunts my main character, Hernando—his past relationship with his machismo father, his father and brother’s disappearance, and the ghost like figures lurking in the woods behind his house. Hernando’s story explores the terrifying nature of machismo (or toxic masculinity), and the fear that manifests when facing the horrors it leaves in its wake. To face those horrors, Hernando must brave that which haunts him and explore The Dark Dark Wood.

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