1-D NMR Spectroscopy of C-13 Labeled Metabolites

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Dr. Lisa Warner


Metabolites are small molecular compounds that are found in various stages of the metabolic process within an organism. Understanding the complexity of metabolites in solution will allows us to further understand how a cell sustains life. Such molecular compounds, or metabolites, can be isotopically labeled with C-13 to trace metabolic flux and pathways within a cell. 1-D NMR spectra can then be collected to observe specific chemical shifts of known C-13 labeled metabolites. However, metabolites are subject to change in solutions with different solutes as well as the varying balance of pH’s. Solution conditions will be tested to form a greater database of known chemical shifts that, in future work, will be used against unknown metabolites. This NMR spectra can be accurately replicated as each chemical shift is derived from its corresponding metabolite. The aim of this specific research is to compile an NMR database of known C-13 labeled metabolites in varying solution conditions.

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