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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics


Department of Finance

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Dr. Jared Egginton


For generations, startup founders have had to dawdle around angel investors & so called "investing sharks" to raise founding capital for their big idea. For most times, the startup founders have had to compromise a heavy percentage of company ownership in return for equity funding. Their only option around this has been to raise capital through crowdfunding. However, the complexity revolving around crowdfunding is as tedious as the company plan itself. We tackle this with a reimagined lens of crowdfunding. We introduce a new way for the upcoming startups to gather founding capital by introducing the concept of stake trading. For the first time in financial history, our platform allows investors to TRADE their STAKE prior to the startup going public, just like trading stocks. In preliminary stage, we plan on listing one startup each week, meaning a one-week window to invest into the company, and you could endlessly trade its stake in the coming future. By introducing this concept we will analyze the growth in the number of startups in the Treasure Valley.