The Figure in Bronze

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Art, Design, & Visual Studies

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Lily Lee


Throughout my five years at Boise State I have been well educated in the lost wax method bronze casting process. This process has been around for 5,000 years, and continues to be an integral step in the production of beautiful works of art today. Creating a bronze sculpture includes sculpting an original piece in clay, molding it, casting a wax replica, creating a waste mold, pouring the bronze, chasing the bronze, and applying a patina. Using this complex process to create my sculptures, my work seeks to explore the inner thoughts and personality of the individual. By working with live models, I have the unique opportunity of building relationships with them in an environment that often brings up the model’s insecurities, both physical and mental. Through my artwork I seek to capture the individual’s vulnerability in their journey of struggling through their insecurities to find comfort in their own mind and body. By combining the complex and painstakingly detailed process of bronze casting with the intricate process of sculpting a figure that captures the model’s true self, I hope to successfully bring to light the value of traditional methods that successfully depict the raw truth of the inner self.

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