To Switch or Not to Switch: Does Code-Switching Reveal a Speaker's Stance in Relation to Others?

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


English Department

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Dr. Gail Shuck


My research topic is focused on exploring code-switching patterns between English and Vietnamese in a certain context, which will be conducted as a case study of a close friend group who all are fluent in both languages. For this case study, I asked to record this group of people for around 4 hours and all the data gathered is from the recording and will be transcribed and analyzed with the consensus from everyone in the group. From looking at the data, people seem to have preferred and dispreferred responses marked with code-switching between English and Vietnamese when it comes to doubting themselves or accommodating/picking up on another person’s code-switching pattern. Also, people code-switch to indicate divergence (sounding different) as they tend to code-switch to express their attitude on a particular suggestion when it is not something that they agree with. However, if they agree with something, they are more likely to respond in the language that the other person uses instead of code-switching and this is considered convergence (sounding more alike). The poster will present the code-switching patterns in this case study together with transcribed data.

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