Workout Wednesday

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Communication

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Dr. Kelly Rossetto


Our research explores Boise State students’ self-esteem and its relationship to body image. Research was conducted through online surveys, and face-to-face interviews with students and program directors involved in the recreation center and BroncoFit. Through our analysis we found that body insecurity was heavily influenced by students focusing on appearance rather than the ability of their bodies, comparison through social media, and influence from peer networks. Based on these findings, we focused our attention toward altering students’ perceptions when viewing their bodies through an event: “Workout Wednesday.” The event involves stations set up in the recreation center, run by trainers to educate on different exercises, and paper covering the mirrors for a wall of positive affirmations created by event goers. By implementing the Workout Wednesday initiative, we hope to create an environment that encourages fitness education and positive affirmations to help alleviate some of the negative impacts of body and gym insecurity on self-esteem. Workout Wednesday will strive to inspire students to feel motivated and find gratitude in the ability of their bodies. Students will have the opportunity to build an uplifting peer network, and fresh perspective when it comes to their bodies and self-esteem.

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