Cole-Lake Hazel Bridge Design

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal


Our senior design group, Ascending Engineering, is tasked with the design of the Cole and Lake Hazel bridge over the New York Canal in Ada County, Idaho just south of Boise City limits. The bridge project will extend Lake Hazel Road east over Cole Road and connect it with existing routes to I-84 and the Boise Airport. This will allow for traffic flow to a new residential zoned development area of 2,500 single-family homes. The 85 foot-wide bridge will be a composite system consisting of steel girders and concrete deck, spanning 120 feet over the canal. Supporting the superstructure will be a substructure, which consists of reinforced concrete abutments and deep foundation steel piles. Other design elements include an approach roadway design that will connect the bridge to the existing intersection, current and future traffic management plans to ensure adequate traffic capacities, and environmental and storm water analyses to control storm runoff and manage the impact of the project.

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