Snake River Watershed

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Student Presentation

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Erin Stutzman


Idaho is known for its natural beauty and scenic waterways. However, these very traits which draw people to Idaho are currently in danger due to human actions. Some of these anthropogenic sources include but are not limited to agricultural runoff - carrying fertilizers, pesticides/herbicides and other pollutants into water bodies such as lakes, rivers and ponds. This study aims to identify types and sources of pollutants being dumped into the Snake River and then look further into potential solutions and regulations that could be implemented in order to improve and sustain the highest possible water quality throughout the state. The experiment will look at six sample sites which are located both upstream and downstream from local feedlots and will include the following tests: latitude and longitude, air temperature, surface water temperature, tubidity, conductivity, orthophosphates, dissolved oxygen, concentration of nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, pH, Mercury and Cyanide.

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